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Availevent is a P2P marketplace for events. Find cool parties, house concerts and dinner events in your area, or make money by organizing your own!

Ready for a totally unique outing?

  1. Browse events
  2. Pick one and buy a ticket
  3. Print or download your ticket, and head to the address

Make money organizing fun events!

  1. Come up with a unique idea
  2. Create a listing
  3. Get ready to party
Availevent has a robust review system

Are Nino’s parties fun? Is Mackenzie actually a good chef? Is Jacob a respectful guest? Availevent's review systems keeps people safe and in good company.

Pick how many people your event can accommodate

Whether you’re planning a rager with 500 of Seattle's craziest party animals or an intimate tapas dinner party with a max of 5 guests, we’ll make sure you get no more than the max tickets you set.

Meet interesting people

Whether you’re using Availevent as a host, or a guest, it’s a great way to meet cool and interesting people in your area!

Availevent makes checking tickets a breeze

When guests buy tickets through Availevent, they get a unique q-code. Just scan it with our iPhone or Android app to get them checked in.

Creativity Encouraged

Our users like unique expeiriences. The more original the better!

Create Memories

Step away from the cookie cutter and enjoy totally unqiue expeiriences worth remembering!


Where is Availevent available?

Availevent is setup to process over 135 different currencies, and our address system can handle more countries than that, so you can use Availevent pretty much anywhere in the world! If you’re the first person in your community to discover Availevent, why not start hosting some events? If you come up with some cool ideas, we may even help you promote them!

Can I actually make money throwing parties?

Yep! As long as you come up with something people want to go to. Pretty great, right?

What kind of events are allowed?

We believe in the creativity of our users, so we try to keep the limits as open as possible. Whether you want to organize an 80s themed dance party, a classy wine tasting, an SNL watch party, a tea party with Elsa or a ping pong tournament, we’ll help you make it happen!

That said, there are a few ground rules. Nothing illegal, obviously. And nothing excessively dangerous. If you’re serving alcohol, you have to make sure your guests are of age. It’s also important to be conscious of fire code occupancy limits.

Be aware, also, that Availevent is simply a marketplace and it is ultimately your responsibility as the event organizer to learn about and abide by your local laws. Availevent recommends you figure out what is and is not allowed in your area with regards to things like preparing food for guests and/or serving alcohol.

Depending on where you live, Availevent events may be considered “private,” which allows a lot more flexibility.

How do I know the event I bought a ticket for will be fun?

Nobody ever knows for sure if a party will be fun. But with Availevent, you can get a pretty good idea by reading reviews of the hosts previous events.

You can also request a refund if the information the host provided about the event was inaccurate. IE-- Jimmy promised there would be a 90 ft water slide, but there wasn’t….

Can I limit who goes to my event?

We encourage our hosts to keep events as open as possible. Availevent believes everyone should feel welcome.

That said, it may sometimes be necessary to limit event attendees by things like age. Such as when organizing a teen friendly event, or a more adult oriented event.

How much does Availevent cost to use?

Whether you want to use Availevent as a guest, a host, or both, Availevent is totally free to sign up. Availevent only charges a service fee when tickets are sold.

How can I be successful as a host on Availevent?

Start with a creative idea that people in your area will get excited about. If you live in an area where people are already using Availevent, it’s a great idea to go to other people’s events and see what they’re doing.

Will you help me market the event?

We might! One of the great things about Availevent is you’ll benefit from people coming to our platform just to browse and discovering your event. In addition, we sometimes pick users events to include in our promotional material, especially if they’re in an area where Availevent is first being introduced. This can be a great way to get your events in front of a big block of potential new guests!

Can I take cash at the door?

Sorry, no. For safety/accountability reasons, and because we’re investing money in promoting the events on our platform, we require tickets to be sold exclusively through the Availevent platform. Instructing guests to go somewhere else to buy tickets or accepting cash at the door is a violation of our TOS and could get your account suspended.

If someone shows up without a ticket, we suggest having them download the Availevent app, which is available for both iPhone and Android.

What forms of payment do you accept?

All major credit cards, and over 135 different currencies.

If I’m a host, how will I get paid?

The most common way is a direct deposit to your bank account. We can also mail you a check or even pay you with Bitcoin.

Can I buy tickets with Bitcoin?

Sure, why not?

What’s the best thing about Availevent?

We bring people together and help them create unique and lasting memories.